Mr 100-Club calls it a day after 25 years

The Hindolveston 100 Club has reached the end of the road – A VERY LONG ROAD! As of now the 100 Club has been shut down.

Hard to believe, but village stalwart Peter Patten has been trudging the streets collecting subscriptions to benefit the Village Hall funds for nearly 25 years. Now, having worn out several pairs of shoes and got older himself in the process, he says the journey’s over.

Peter Patten leaves it without fanfare but his contribution to Village Hall funds will be sorely missed. Single-handed over the period Peter has raised around an astonishing £14,000!

On behalf of everyone in the Village Hall Committee and the people of Hindolveston who continue to use the hall, please accept our unreserved thanks to you Peter. The hall is open to everyone as a focal hub for community activity and we hope there are still people in the village who will also demonstrate such community spirit, which is essential for the continued viability of the Village Hall.


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