Report: Bollards Away March 2017

There are 10 bollards in the Village Hall car park and on Sat 18th March 2017 all were decorated by the Crafts in Action group and friends in this inaugural event. Despite some very drizzly weather, great fun was had by all as the dressers’ efforts were bolstered by advice/ encouragement from spectators and an abundance of free home-made cakes.

The result was a variety of costumes ranging from exterminating to shirty, crocheted to forested, mystifyingly political to just plain silly, some with sombreros, one with a beret and even one masquerading as an owl – What a Hoot!!!

The members of Craft in Action were so pleased with the result that they plan to make this an annual event – you have been warned. Long before then, however, the village crafters are getting back to some serious work, building up stocks in time for the next event: a pop up craft market at Burnham Deepdale from June 22nd to 27th.

Beware – the Crafts in Action group are On Tour!!!

Take a look at a snap shot of the entries below:

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