Village Hall Needs New Committee Members


This village, though small, is kept lively by the facilities that all of us can share – such as the Village Hall which rocks to the sound of parties; strains strenuously to the sound of martial arts and gym activities; ummms and aaahs to the pleasure of the Coffee Shop, and breathes culture from the art classes and film shows. It has been so for decades.

But it doesn’t run itself. Down in the engine room there’s a Village Hall Management Committee consisting of a Chairperson, a Treasurer, Secretary, Bookings Secretary and at least a couple of other members. Most have held these roles for years. But now at least three have announced they MUST stand down.

Considering their ages, many could judge this a good thing – opening up the opportunity for younger and more energetic people to step up to the line.

But where are they?

Maybe you’ve been waiting eagerly for the opportunity to join the committee but feel it would be looked on as an intrusion … it wouldn’t be.

Or maybe you think the job is so onerous and time-consuming that you’re already too busy to contemplate it …it isn’t.

At the bi-monthly Committee meetings, the Chair ensures everything is conducted in a proper, orderly manner following an agenda, and that no riots break out. The Secretary takes minutes as a record of the meeting. The Treasurer presents details of financial transactions and the general financial state of affairs since the last meeting;. The Bookings Secretary’s job is self-explanatory, but essential to the running of the hall efficiently. A meeting seldom lasts longer than an hour.

Other than that, the Committee is responsible for ensuring that the hall is safe, secure, warm and compliant with regulations, such as insurance. If repairs are needed, urgent or routine, it’s the Committee’s job to get the problem sorted.

It’s not difficult, and it’s satisfying to be part of a team that keeps the major community building in the village open for business.

Try to imagine Hindolveston without its Village Hall…Now think how you could make the hall more appealing!

Anybody (yes, anybody) who would like to get involved, please make yourselves known to any Committee member (details are on most notice boards) and/or come along to our next committee meeting, which will be at 7.30pm on Friday 2nd June. Where? In the Village Hall. Volunteers will be given guidance about what’s involved and, should they wish it, a hand-over period when the outgoing member and the new volunteer would work together.

It would be great if some of our younger villagers (i.e. anyone under 40!) would get involved so that the village could benefit from their viewpoint.


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