Hornsea Project Three Phase 1.B Consultation Update @ June 2017

From the Hornsea Project Three Team, DONG Energy:

As you may know, in March 2017, we held a second round of community consultation events for our Hornsea Project Three Offshore Wind Farm development. This round of events (Phase 1.B), was introduced following refinement of our original search area to an indicative preferred export cable corridor.

The events were an opportunity for members of the local community to view these plans, speak directly with members of the Project team and comment on our proposal at that stage. Attendees were encouraged to capture their thoughts and any concerns by completing one of our feedback forms or by writing to us directly.

We would like to thank everyone who attended these events. All the feedback received at and after the events has been carefully considered by the Project and will feed into the refinement process. We have prepared a Phase 1.B Consultation Summary Report , which provides a summary of the views expressed at the events and sets out the next steps for the Project. This report also contains information on the different methods by which you and your community can continue to engage in the consultation process and stay informed as the Project evolves.

Over the Summer, we will publish and formally consult on our Preliminary Environmental Information Report (PEIR), which will present the findings of initial surveys and assessments and will enable consultees to develop an informed view of the potential environmental effects. We will be holding further community consultation events in September 2017 to consult and seek feedback on these proposals. Information regarding these events will be available on our website shortly and in our next community newsletter.

All our Project documentation is also available to download from our website (www.dongenergy.co.uk/hornseaproject3). We will be sending you several physical copies of this report. Hardcopies of the report will be available for members of the public to view at our Community Access Points, which are located across the Consultation Zone.

Please feel free to share this report more widely, with anyone you think may have an interest in our proposal. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.



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