Report: Nagging Flasher Post Flattened – 19th June 2017

‘Well that did not take long then, surely this is not NFN’!!

CSI Hindol were called to the Foulsham Road site early on Monday 19th June because the new ‘NF’ post had been flattened. The post had only just been positioned high on the embankment and would have mounted the Speed Indication Device (SID) to ‘educate’ the dyslexic drivers who charge along Foulsham Road, in and out of the village. Fortunately, the SID was not in position at that time.

No injuries have been reported and interestingly enough, the post which was found lying on its side completely out of its bored hole, was undamaged with the top at the outbound end of the village. Also, no vehicle marks were found on the bank. This would suggest a very slow impact from a high sided vehicle or one with a high sided trailer with extra width. If anyone has any knowledge as to how the post was flattened, please contact the SID Team Leader, Phil Brown:

For more details of the SID system, have a look at the Traffic Speed Management page. If you are interested in supporting the team, contact the team leader in the first instance.

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