Spring 2017 Screen Programme

Saturday 21st January LOVE & FRIENDSHIP (U)

A tale, set in the 1790s, of a wealthy widow, Lady Susan Vernon, who moves in to her in-laws estate to allow time for rumours of her dalliances to abate.  Whilst there she decides to find a husband for her reluctant daughter and, whilst about it, for herself as well, naturally. It stars Kate Beckinsale, Chloe Sevigny and Stephen Fry.

Saturday 18th February HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE (12A)

A charming New Zealand offbeat comedy-drama film with a poignant, funny, deeply affecting message. Defiant 13 year-old orphan city kid Ricky gets a fresh start in the New Zealand countryside  with his new foster family, but when tragedy strikes, Ricky and his foster father Hec go on the run in the bush. A national manhunt ensues, and the two are forced to work together to survive in this hilarious and heartfelt adventure.  A touching heart-warming film.

Saturday 4th March MUSTANG (15) -Turkish with English subtitles

‘Mustang’ is a stunning Oscar-nominated Turkish film, one of the most talked-about and celebrated films of the year. A village in Turkey, five sisters are walking home from school, playing innocently with some boys – this sets off a scandal, and the family home is transformed into a prison with marriages arranged, but the sisters’ passion for freedom finds ways of getting around the constraints. A vivid insight into a different culture, and a delightful and funny picture of adolescence.

Saturday 18th March A STREET CAT NAMED BOB (12A)

A true story, this British film is the true feel good story of how James, a busker and recovering drug addict, had his life transformed when he met a stray injured ginger cat (Bob) in his sheltered accommodation, and he has no idea just how much his life is about to change. Also starring Joanne Froggatt, Ruta Gedmintas and a superb performance by Bob the cat. ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’ is a moving and uplifting film that will touch the heart of everyone.

Saturday 1st April OUR LITTLE SISTER (15) – Japanese with English subtitles

Japanese film ‘Our Little Sister’ tells the story of three sisters in their 20s who live together in in a large house in Kamakura. When their father dies, they meet their shy teenage half-sister. Bonding quickly with the orphaned 14 year-old, they invite her to live with them, and a new life of joyful discovery begins for the four siblings. A film of quiet, telling moments, a touching but unsentimental take on sisterly love – it breaks your heart regularly, but with the softest touch.

Saturday 15th April ARRIVAL (12A)

A stunning thoughtful sci-fi drama. After twelve alien spacecraft land on Earth, linguistics professor Louise Banks is trying to learn about the aliens’ language and discover why they have come to Earth, before someone else across the globe decides to attack them. Will they be able to make their breakthrough without any interference? An sci-fi film that anchors its heady themes with genuine emotion – “the most thoughtful release this year, something to reignite your excitement for cinema.”