Village Screen


Hindolveston Village Screen started in 2005. Creative Arts East were just starting their Norfolk Village Screen organisation and Hindolveston was one of the first villages to join the scheme. Since then, there have been between 8 to 10 showings a year which now include ‘World Cinema’ films as well as live or recorded broadcasts from the National Theatre. For a flavour of previous films take a look at the screening list 2012 – 2016.

Village Screen Committee

Selection, organisation and staging of the films is done through the voluntary work of the Village Screen committee. This comprises Frances Wingate Derek Chapman, Sarah Pettegree, Adrian and Susan Day, Graham and Audrey Bould, Les and Janet Ellis, Sue Billings and Liz Goldfinger. To see the up to list of films for the current season, click here.

Ticket Sales and Proceeds

The proceeds of ticket sales must cover the cost of licensing each event but any profits go directly to the Village Hall funds; as at the end of 2016, over £8000 has been raised in this way. Tickets cost £4.50 per person and are available on the door or from Parker’s Garage in the village, but to avoid disappointment, they can also be booked in advance by calling Frances on 01263 860257.

Film Night Details

Doors open in the Village Hall at 7pm. The Astley bar is open beforehand and afterwards and light refreshments, including ice cream are available before the film starts at 7.30pm.

The confines of the Village Hall, with its large wall electrically operated screen, high quality speakers, ceiling mounted projector and, new for 2016, padded seats, ensure an excellent viewing experience. Pictured here is the audience seconds before the showing of ‘Hunt for Wilderpeople’!!! And below is a picture that gives you an idea of the size of the screen which is big enough for comfortable viewing.