Leaking Pond affecting the Fulmodeston Road – UPDATE

Anyone who has driven West out of the village will have noticed that Fulmodeston Road is always wet and large puddles are ever present in the dip as you leave the village boundary. This is particularly annoying if you have just washed your car!! Apart from anything else a constant leak, such as this, is likely to undermine the integrity of the road in that area.

This matter was raised at the most recent meeting of the Parish Council in March and it was reported that the pond at Blue Tile Farm is leaking on to the road and that it could be that an outlet pipe was broken when UK Power Networks replaced a pole in the vicinity. It seems that the pipe was not replaced but fixed using a sleeve, however, it is highly likely that this is the cause of the problem.

The Clerk is following up the complaint with the relevant companies, including Anglian Water and UK Power Networks. This post will be updated if any progress is reported back ahead of the next Parish Council meeting in July.

The problem was reported to Norfolk County Council (NCC) and The Highways department is investigating.

UPDATE 16 June 2017: Following the latest Parish Council meeting in June, it was reiterated that Mr Steve White of the Highways department is following the matter up directly with UK Power Networks (no change since the May meeting).

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