Traffic Speed Management


In response to persistent complaints about the speed of traffic through the village, the Hindolveston Parish Council has purchased a Speed Indicator Device (SID). This is essentially a mobile electronic sign that informs drivers of their speed and issues a warning to ‘SLOW DOWN’ if appropriate.

The SID can positioned in up to 8 places around the village but actually monitor the traffic from 13 different directions or ‘sites’. These have been approved by the Highways Department of Norfolk County Council. The SID must be moved within 28 days of being sited and cannot return to the same site for at least 56 days. See the SID Location page for details of the sites.

Parish Council Responsibilities

The Parish Council is responsible for the operation of the SID but delegates the running of the system to an appointed management team. The details of the team can be found on the SID Management page. There are two vacant positions so any resident with an interest in supporting the team should contact Phil Brown ([email protected]) in the first instance.

The operation of the SID and its associated tasks are governed by the village Traffic Speed Management Policy, which was adopted by Hindolveston Parish Council in June 2017 and was updated in July and again in September 2017.

Speed Indicator Device (SID)

The SID is portable and is designed to be moved between positions by hand. Its key functions are:

  • To indicate to oncoming traffic the speed of the vehicle
  • To indicate to oncoming traffic to SLOW DOWN if, during the time the SID radar is activated, the vehicle is exceeding the speed limit for that location
  • To record the speed and time of all vehicles at the point the SID radar is triggered

The SID system is activated by an oncoming vehicle approximately 100 meters away and will continue to track the vehicle’s speed until the vehicle passes the SID. As the maximum speed limit throughout Hindolveston is 30 MPH, the SID is set for vehicles travelling:

  • Between 20 to 30 MPH, only the speed of travel is shown
  • Between 30 to 40 MPH, the speed of travel and ‘SLOW DOWN’ are shown
  • Higher than 40 MPH, only ‘SLOW DOWN’ is shown

Data collected by the SID and will be download each time the SID is moved. The SID is unable to record vehicle registration numbers or personal data, the information is analysed and can be used to justify action by the police to instigate physical speed checks.

SID Site Movement Schedule

The siting of the SID will be decided by the Speed Management team and typically the SID will remain on site for 4 consecutive weeks. The general idea is that the SID will be rotated around all the positions in the village but not necessarily in the same order. Siting decisions are subject to environmental conditions as well as adverse speeds if discovered during traffic data analysis.

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