SID Management Team

SID Management (SM) Team

Team Leader:         Phil Brown              e: [email protected] m: 07830 245266

Team Deputy:         Wayne Bowditch

Team Member:       Ged Robinson

Team Member:       Neil Gladwell

SM Responsibilities

The village SID Management (SM) team is responsible to the Hindolveston Parish Council for the operation, positioning, maintenance and associated record keeping. The list of tasks is shown below:

  • To ensure the SID is deployed in a safe and secure manner, all year around, using only the approved sites and in accordance with the time conditions shown above
  • To ensure that the spare battery is fully charged and available for deployment within 24 hours
  • To ensure site serviceability by making routine checks of all sites, regardless of use, at time intervals of no more than 3 months
  • To maintain an SID logbook and to ensure the relevant information is made available on the village website in a timely manner

SM Health and Safety

For those members of the SM team involved in the physical movement or maintenance checking of the SID, they are expected to take all reasonable precautions to ensure their health and safety and that of members of the public and any passing traffic.

For the dismounting, movement and remounting of the SID, it shall be done:

  • In daylight hours and only if road and weather conditions are favourable
  • By a minimum of 2 team members wearing high visibility clothing

For the maintenance and serviceability of the SID, it shall be done:

  • In daylight hours and only if road and weather conditions are favourable
  • By an appointed team member wearing high visibility clothing

SID Record Keeping

The SM team leader is responsible for maintaining an SID logbook. It will include, as a minimum, the schedules for movement and site checks, an up to date record of team members, approved sites, serviceability checks and copies of the downloaded data.

With the exception of the SID Movement Schedule, all other information will be made available to members of the public on the website or upon request to the SM team leader.