Policies and Guidance

Hindolveston Parish Council is a legal entity in its own right and made up of councillors and supported by a clerk who is also the designated Proper Officer. The Parish Council has specific statutory duties and quite a variety of powers. In fulfilling these duties, it must work within a legal framework and adhere to a number of directives. These are written by the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) or the Department for Communities and Local Government. In addition, the Parish Council develops its own policies that are approved at Council meetings and are put under version control.

For ease of access all of the policies/ documentation are listed below (with hyperlinks to the documents themselves) with the date they were last reviewed/ produced or adopted. Earlier versions are kept by the Parish Council clerk but are not available on the website.


Governance and Administration

Parish Councillors

Data Protection, Freedom of Information and Transparency



Other policies and guidance

The Parish Council creates and updates various other village specific documents to provide guidance/ instructions on the performance of its duties. For ease of reference these are listed below and available for download by clicking on the document titles.

Recreation Ground and Millennium Pavilion


Hindolveston Parish Council – Employers Liability Certificate 2020