Council Members


Below is the list of councillors that make up the Hindolveston Parish Council. It should be noted that the Chair and Vice Chair are elected at the Annual Parish Council Meeting in May and hold office for one year at a time. Elections for members are held every 4 years with the next elections in May 2023.

Where vacancies arise between elections, it is possible for the Council to co-opt new members at council meetings. Members can resign at any time, that is to say there is no minimum period of office.


Hindolveston is entitled to 7 councillors including the Chair and Vice Chair. Councillors are expected to attend all the regular Parish Council meetings but reasonable excuses for absence (in the form of apologies) can be accepted by the Council when commitments prevent attendance.

All of those councillors listed below (unless otherwise stated) were elected during a contested public election on 2 May 2019, the results for which can be seen by clicking here. The selection of the Chair and Vice Chair was made at the start of the Parish Council meeting on 16 May 2019 by the councillors themselves by a secret ballot.


Wayne Bowditch T: (local) 860841. Appointed Chair in May 2019


Mary Walsh. T: (local) 861664. Re-appointed Vice Chair in May 2019


Trevor Leeder T: (local) 861226

Chip Davison T: (local) 860575

Hazel Carter T: (local) 860012

Wayne Bowditch T: (local) 860841

Neil Lewis T: (local) 862865

Wayne Jolly T: (local) 861652, M: 07788 982242

Responsibilities and Subsidiary Roles – to be confirmed after the PC meeting held on 16 May 2019

A number of roles and subsidiary duties are carried out by members of the village in support of the community. The list below indicates the assignment of personnel to these various roles. Those names marked * are not councillors but the individuals have agreed to assist the Parish Council. Those marked with ** are paid for their services.

  • Speed Indictor Device (SID) Managers: Phil Brown*, Wayne Bowditch (see SID policy)
  • Risk assessment of structures including street lights: Mary Walsh and Hazel Carter
  • War Memorial Care: Hazel Carter, Dave Carter*, Mary Walsh
  • Health and Safety Checks of allotments: Mary Walsh, Hazel Carter and Chip Davison
  • Check of Playground apparatus: Mary Walsh
  • Millennium Pavilion
    • Key-holders: Trevor Leeder (and Lisa Chapman** – cleaner)
    • Bookings officer: Trevor and Rosie Leeder*
    • Maintenance checks (building, fire extinguishers, first aid kit): Trevor Leeder
  • Youth Club liaison: Mary Walsh, Hazel Carter and Wayne Bowditch
  • Weekly check of defibrillator at the Village Hall: Tim Walsh*
  • Website manager: Phil Brown* (see website management policy)
  • Newsletter editor: Mary Walsh; layout administrator: Dave Carter*
  • Bank signatories: Trevor Leeder, Mary Walsh, Chip Davidson
  • Internal account checker: Trevor Leeder
  • Planning Advisory Group: all parish councillors (see planning protocol)
  • Promoter of lotteries (for the sale of raffle tickets etc): Peter Patten* (Trevor Leeder and Mary Walsh are authorized to check the financial returns)
  • Data Protection Working Group: Mary Walsh, Neil Lewis, Wayne Bowditch (download the terms of reference)
  • Internal Auditor (an external position): Stafford Snell**

More details can be found in the latest version by clicking here. This includes an indication of frequency of activity , in some cases, links to supporting documentation,

Parish Council Clerk

Mrs Joanna Otte

Little Manor, Thursford Rd, Little Snoring, Fakenham NR21 0JN

T: 01328 822366  e: [email protected]

Code of Conduct

The Localism Act 2011 requires all local councils to adopt a code of conduct for its members and to have a register of members’ interests. The code must comply with the seven Nolan principles of Public Life – selflessness, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty, integrity and leadership. Hindolveston Parish Council formally adopted the Code of Conduct on 20th September 2012.

It takes all sorts

If you are interested in becoming a councillor but you are not sure whether you have the right background or how your skills/ experience might assist the council, then take a look at It Takes All Sorts published by the National Association of Local Councils. Other useful publications for all potential councillors and those that are serving is the Good Councillors Guide 2017.

Hindolveston is like any other small village in that it relies on the support provided by local people giving up some of their free time for the community as a whole.