Highways Maintenance – Local Area Teams

The Community and Environmental Services department of Norfolk County Council (NCC), which covers Highways, has recently sent a letter to Town and Parish Councils to inform them of a reorganisation of our Local Highways Maintenance Teams. This can be downloaded here.

For the purposes of highways maintenance, Norfolk is divided into a North, West and South zone, each with sectors. As far as Hindolveston is concerned, it is in North 1 sector and is under the remit of Mr Steve White who is based in Aylsham. A map showing the regional sectors can be downloaded here.

Reporting a Problem with the Roads

Highways advise that the best way to report a problem is via the Roads and Transport section of the NCC website, the click on ‘Report a problem’. If you would like to track the status of your report you will need to create a customer account if you have not already registered or sign in to your existing customer account before reporting.

Registering is straight forward but not absolutely necessary to report a problem. The advantage of registering is that you can return to the website later to track progress.



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