Report: Hindol Bar Re-Opening Night 01 June 2018

Bar re-opening night Friday June the 1st.

If you weren’t there you missed a great night. Lots of people enjoying the company, drinks and the chance to see the newly decorated room in all it’s splendour. Thank you for all the appreciative comments, it’s been hard work but well worth it. Thank you to everyone who helped with the refurb and to those who provided the free buffet.

Many people remembered to bring their Beer Mats that had dropped through their letter boxes for the free draw. It was Mary Groombridge who won the fantastic 7” Brays Cottage Pork Pie kindly donated by Sarah and Derek. Comments about it being a fix, as it was Mary’s partner Andy who actually drew the ticket, were dispelled when they revealed he doesn’t eat pork pie! Mary very kindly cut the pie and offered slices around the room which went down very well (especially with me as I was getting hungry behind the bar) – thank you Mary.

We had some new drinks behind the bar which went down well, the Abbott ale and Campo Viejo red Rioja were both very popular. To the person who I had to let down, we do now have slimline as well as full fat tonic for your G&Ts. Also San Miguel and Kronenbourg lagers have been added to the offering. Suggestions of other drinks to stock are always welcome – but I make no promises that we’ll do so….

The bar will be open every Friday, 6.30-10.30pm.

See you next Friday

Neil Gladwell


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