Planning Application: PF/19/0310

Please note that the North Norfolk District Council (NNDC) published the following planning application PF/19/0310 dated 01 March 2019.

Demolition of rear conservatory and replacement with the single storey rear extension 67A The Street, Hindolveston, NR20 5DD.

This application will be reviewed by the Parish Council at the next Parish Council meeting. The deadline for comments to the NNDC is 22 March 2019.

More details and the relevant documentation can be downloaded directly from the NNDC website. This is the same information that is available to the Parish Council.

Please note that on this occasion this notice was not posted on the website until 01 April 2019 as it was not made available to the web manager until 29 March 2019. This has no impact on the legal process for planning permission.

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