A Warm Welcome to Hindolveston

The Hindol Website

The village website was adopted by the Parish Council in January 2017. It is a source of local information and including forecasts/ reports on local events. It also serves as a window into the work of the Parish Council, including the publication of agendas, meetings minutes and financial reports.

Residents can request allowable content to be included by contacting the website manager, Phil Brown, using hindolweb@gmail.com. For a quick overview of the menu and sub-menus have a look at the Site Menu Index.

Village Hall Committee Needs New Members

Three long-serving committee members be retiring from the committee and in order for the village hall to continue to function in the way we would all like, NEW MEMBERS are needed.  There are just six meetings a year and your involvement will help to ensure the future of our much-loved, much-used community building.

If you live in Hindolveston and you want to contribute to the running of the most vital asset in the village then please consider joining the committee. It is a rewarding pursuit and guaranteed to be of interest and occasionally intriguing. To do so, make your name known to any of the current members or simply go to the Village Hall AGM on Fri 20th October at 7.30 pm which takes place, strangely enough, in the village hall.

The Parish Council has a Vacancy – It takes all sorts!!

There is a vacancy on the Parish Council. If you are interested in becoming a councillor but you are not sure whether you have the right background or how your skills/ experience might assist the council, then take a look at It Takes All Sorts published by the National Association of Local Councils.

It must be pointed out that councillors are expected to do a lot more than just turn up for meetings and help with the decision making. It helps if you have access to the internet as planning applications are now only distributed by this means. It is also important to have  an independent an open mind to challenge the status quo. For more details, click here.

Then, if you are still interested in contributing to the community and working as part of a team please email the Parish Clerk on hindolvestonpc@googlemail.com or talk to one the Parish Councillors.

Report: The Nagging Flasher 1st October 2017

For those drive around the village, you will have seen the Speed Indicator Device (SID) AKA – the flashing nagger. You should have also noticed that it does not stay in the same place for very long – in fact the SID Management Team (SMT) moves it every 2 weeks. It is currently at the western end of the village looking west, this means it reacts to traffic coming into the village. To see where it has been located and when click here.

It’s primary purpose is to remind all drivers that the speed limit through the village is 30 mph. It applies to all drivers, regardless of whether they live in the village or are just passing through and it applies to all 24 hours of each day.

The parishioners are reminded that the SID collects data on every vehicle that passes it by and this data is downloaded for review by the SMT. Be assured that no personal data is recorded because the SID is not capable of identifying vehicle registration numbers. That said the data provides tangible evidence for use by the police if a clear pattern of speeding is identified. For instance, recently the SID has recorded the speed of a vehicle that enters the village along Fulmodeston Road between 2 am – 3 am on weekdays, as travelling between 37 mph and 45 mph. Enough said!!

Scam Awareness Presentation 24th November 2017

Phil Brown will be giving the second Scam Awareness Presentation, free of charge, in the Village Hall starting at 7.30 pm on Friday 24th November 2017. It will last around 50 minutes plus time for questions. It will also cover the topic of Ransomware and citizens’ rights under current and future UK data protection laws.

There is a catch – you need to book. Check out the post or download the poster by clicking here click here.

Village Hall Programme for October 2017

For the latest activity programme being run in the Village Hall, check out the Village Hall What’s On schedule. This can be downloaded here or just check the post for details.

Village Screen – Autumn Season

For the season’s  programme as it currently is, click here. This includes 2 films in October: Incendies and Their Finest – check out the posts then reserve your seats.

Wanna Join My Gang?

Neil Lewis is looking for volunteers to assist him doing a ‘makeover’ of the fence that runs alongside one side of the Village Hall.  This might be suitable for teenagers undertaking the Duke of Edinburgh scheme; this activity could fulfil part of the voluntary service to the community requirement. See the Wanna Join My Gang poster for more details.

Website Update @ 4th August 2017

Due to capacity issues, a sister website has been created to hold and view all the pictures/ photos and images that were accessed in the Galleries section. The new website is called Hindolveston Images and can be accessed from the Galleries page.

Birds of Hindolveston – A Tour Guide by Luke Nash

Local resident and school boy, Luke Nash, has compiled an excellent tour guide with his own photos specifically for this website, to the birds you can see around the village and in the near vicinity. You can view the guide by clicking here. To see the photos separately, look at the page entitled Birds of Hindol  in the Galleries section.

Sunday Times: The Old Bakery puts Hindol on the map

In a Sunday Times article (dated (23rd July 2017) highlighting its top 21 best-value holidays available, The Old Bakery in Hindolveston is top of the list! Congratulations to Mike and Alison Thomas for their on-going achievements and for putting Hindolveston on the map in 2017. Click here to see part of the Sunday Times article.

Leaking Pond affecting the Fulmodeston Road @ 27th September

Anyone who has driven West out of the village will have noticed that Fulmodeston Road is often wet and large puddles are ever present in the dip as you leave the village boundary. The matter was discussed again at the recent PC meeting. Check the post for more details and updates but sad to say no developments since mid-April although repairs are in the pipeline!!!!!!!!!!!!

Parish Council Meeting Minutes

Scanned copies of the approved meeting minutes are available for viewing and download on this website; please click here for the relevant page.

Latest Consumer and Scam News

Norfolk County Council provides information on the up to date consumer alerts. This includes reports of door step ‘rogue’ traders and the latest reported email scams. To see these click here. For more details regarding scam awareness in general and advice on how to prevent being a victim, have a look at the scam awareness page.

Keep the Date

  • Fri 20th October: Village Hall Annual General Meeting at 7.30 pm
  • Sat 21st October: Village screen – Their Finest (12A); see post for details
  • Sat 4th November: Village Screen – The Love Tree (15); details/poster to follow
  • Sat 11th November: Quiz Night in the Village Hall (no details yet)
  • Sat 18th November: Village Screen – A United Kingdom (12); details/poster to follow
  • Fri 24th November: Scam Awareness Presentation in the Village Hall at 7.30 pm; see post for more details
The website is paid for by the Norfolk Association of Local Councils of which the Hindolveston Parish Council is a member. Its entire management is managed by the web manger on behalf of the Parish Council and community.